The Boeing 787 Dreamliner VIP Private Jet




Boeing 787-9 VIP – water, light and reflection.

A stunning interior that utilizes the flow of water and the effects of light, featuring Swarovski crystals to create a modern contemporary interior.

Limited details and image release of our in-house Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner VIP design for a private client who desired to create a special exquisite interior with inspiration from the flow of water to create the world’s first jet to feature a bubble wall.

Design concept

The design created for a private client explores the different possibility that light and reflection provide – utilizing white, black and wide range of silver and grey tones together with shaped, reflective and textured material surfaces to create light and dark imagery and a modern contemporary interior.


From fore to aft the arrangement of the complete aircraft has a flow and transition to the eye. The lounge layout is absolutely unique an example of the design philosophy of flow, with a length ways split of the room with a fore to aft curve to the seating which captures the owners feeling of the expression of flowing water, and provides an area which is removed of straight lines and immediately relaxing.

The open plan seating arrangement suits formal and informal discussion, relaxation post dinner, cinema room and or vibrant for cocktail and entertainment occasions.


Designed into the lounge, the bubble wall provides a relaxing feature, with its visual effect of moving water and is up and backlit with LED lighting providing the choice of environment through the multiple variation colour changes which are possible to be operated by an app in the client’s smart phone.

Stars and crystals

With the lights down low and only the ceiling back lights lit, the Swarovski crystals are the perfect reflectors of light, providing a galaxy like display as the crystals twinkle like stars, a feature of both the salon the owners suite, stunningly into the night.

Bedroom and en-suite

With the client deciding on no business or second class seating at the aft of the aircraft opting instead to use the latter third of the aircraft for personal use; featuring a full width bedroom, private study with make-up area and large en-suite bathroom with shower. The central bulkhead wall is again covered in black leather as is also that behind the bead head.

The en-suite features a walk-in shower, a large personal area and make-up table, with reflective finishes to the shower and bathroom doors, flat mono colours to the leather and flooring contrasted by wood look finish to the cabin doors.


The use of black, grey and silvers provides the basis for a unique caveat to the design creating a simple yet large visual impact throughout. Stowed onboard are various coloured linen and cushion covers that can be changed to suite the mood of the owner, providing a quick and immediate refresh look of the owners and a cabin that is never the same.

Additionally the colour of the lighting both behind the bar and along the length of the lounge where the ceiling meets the wall panels can be changed either together or independently to match the fabric colour change and that of the feature bubble wall, and adjusted in intensity to create a desirable ambience.


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